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Build Your Own Food Ordering App Or Start Your Own App Business

Our food ordering templates are the fastest way to get your own food app or website in the fastest time possible. And without the need to pay a developer thousands of dollars, not to mention waiting months for the finished product.

Food App


.Mobile-First Food Ordering Is The Future Of Online Food Ordering

Mobile-First Food Ordering Is The Future Of Food Ordering

Traditional food delivery apps are too much work to create and operate, often they also consume a lot of space on the device which puts off the user from downloading that app in the first place, plus there is a cost to add that app to the app store if it's even approved for placement. Developing a PWA for food delivery apps removes all these barriers. Your customers can either scan a QR Code or tap a link. An add to home screen option appears where they simple agree to install your app, and bypassing the traditional app store hassle.



Guy Delivering Pizzas Ordered Via an App

Your Own App Helps Grow Your Business

Shop owners using our system and expect increased sales and new customers

Independent shops deserve the tools that big chains thrive on. Our online ordering and automated marketing helps increase your profits by creating more loyal customers and saving you time.

Scanning A Food Menu QR Code

Incredible Benefits For Agencies and Food Establishments

Digital agencies and partners can benifet by offering exactly what merchants are looking for.

Local food establishments get to have their own custom app icon right on their customers smartphones phone screen. Offer all the tools businesses need for success in the food ordering market.

The MobiFirst PWA Dashboard

A well thought out design dashboard with integrated virtual smartphone.

This allows you to see changes in real-time while making changes to your PWA. In addition, you do not need a domain while creating your design, view your changes while making changers, or use your own smartphone simply by scanning a QR code or access it via a url.

Food App Design Dashboard



Food Order PWA Feature Highlights

Mobile-First Adaptive Advantage

Lightening fast websites that rank well in search.

Food Ordering

Build apps that let customers place orders though your app.

Food Related Templates

Increase sales by also having an app where people can browse and shop.

Avoids App Store Hassles

Eliminates app store fees, app approval hassels and makes user install a snap.

Save To Home Screen

User install is quick and simple via QR Code or a simple click or tap.

Push Messaging

Keep in touch and send promotional message to users.

Loyalty and Digital Coupons

Retain customers with loyalty and coupon features.

Geo Location

Display relevant information in the shoppers area, or simply show their location on a map.

QR Codes

QR Code generator is included! Create your own site and app QR codes.

SSL Certificates

Our eCommerce SSL solution allows you to build customer trust while ensuring your site is secure.


Embed maps directly into your app that provides essential content like driving directions.

AWS Hosting

Sites and apps are hosted on the fastest most reliable cloud based web servers (AWS).

Email Integration

Easily integrations with popular mail sending service such as Mail Chimp, AWeber, Get Response, ect...

Payment Integration

Integration with payment processor to accept credit card payments.

Style Section

Completely customize the style of your website. Advanced users can use css to further customize sites.

Adaptive and Responsive

The ability to determine what is viewed on each device

Clone Widgets (Sections of pages)

Easily duplicate content and designs.

Platform Updates

Never worry about plugin updates, security threats are virtually eliminated.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Each page is equipped with full SEO capabilities