Introducing... Digital Business Cards

The new modern way of sharing your business and contact information

Digital Business Card

Replace Your Business Cards With A Modern Digital Business Card

Make a great first impression

Wow them with your unique digital business card on your first meeting! Clients will never lose your card again!

Its Digital Real Estate!!!

Did you know that the most lucrative marketing space is right on your customers phone? Our new Mobile First PWA technology allows you to have a digital business card and app in just a few minutes with one click install and without the fees and hassles associated with app stores.

Users Can Create Their Own Digital Business Cards

There is even a template gallery category for Digital Business Cards

Our digital business cards are not simply mini websites, they are progressive web apps!



People Can Opt To Install Your Digital Business Card On Their Smartphone

They simply scan your QR code or click a link, it's that easy to get your app icon on their home screen.

Digital business card PWAs do not require that step of going though the app store just to install your app. PWA is new technology that the industry is just now adapting.

A second prompt asks them if they would like to subscribe to receive your future push notification messages.

No Address Bar PWA

No Browser Address Bar With Our PWA (App Version)

This leave more room on your digital business card for more important information.

Other Digital Business Cards are simply mini websites. With the PWA version you get both a progressive mobile app that card holders can install on their smartphones and which leaves more room for promotional information. Plus, they will still be able to access a web-version should you decide to enable the website version of your digital business card. It's all included with the digital business card.

Digital Business Card Designs

Digital Business Card Templates

Build your digital business card quickly by selecting from one of our premade designs in the template gallery, then enable the features and add-ons that you require.

Exclusive and Innovative Designs Features

Booking - Call Scheduling - Custom Forms - Ecommerce - Podcast - Course Builder and more...

PWA and Digital Business Card Features

Easy Peezy - Yet Advanced

Setup a simple digital business card or use add-ons to generating sales and book more deals

Easy To Create

A free online course that walks you though creating your own digital business card.

Push Notifications

Send promotional or informational messages directly to smartphones and pcs.

Marketing Page(s)

Enable a marketing page that shows up in the search engines

Create Custom Forms

Capture leads or registrations, form builder also includes an autoresponder.

Unlimited Edits

Add or edit information on your business card anytime at no charge.

Template Gallery

Launch your app in minutes by choosing a template and updating it with your info.

Easy To Send To Others

Share your business card via QR code, a link, via text message, or social messaging.

Custom App Icon

Your own custom app icon right on your prospect, clients, or customer's smartphone.

Booking Calendar

Let people book appointments right on your business card and optionally collect a fee.

QR Codes

Includes a QR code generator to generate your own QR Codes

Your Own App & App Icon

One click converts your design into a real app with your own custom app icon

Smartphone with QR Code



Prestigious And Professional

Great looking digital business cards and PWAs for your business.

Prestigious Digital Business Card



Setup Section

Videos will walk you though creating and setting up your digital business card.

Optionally upload your own images for the card within the setup area. Create the perfect digital business card.

Unlimited Edits: Your business card includes a cloud based design platform with thousands of royalty-free commercial use images.

"In the platform you can edit and create additional business cards and progressive web apps and websites.*"

Digital Business Card Exploded View

Step 2 - Select Card Features

1) Quick Connect Bar:

Choose how people can connect with you.

Ex. Phone dialer, SMS, Email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp or other social media platform, or add your existing chat service or chat bot.

2) Activate Feature Add-Ons

Enable additional features that will benefit your business.

Some businesses may need a simple registration form, while others may require an application, questionnaire, on-card booking or call scheduling.

Use the Message MaManagement Dashboard to preschedule future informative and promotional messages, which won't be missed, or ignored like with emails.

Step Three - Secure With SSL and Convert Into A PWA

Once your design is complete you have the option to convert it into an app with SSL as well as enable push notification messaging.

  1. Add SSL
  2. Upload an image for your custom icon
  3. One click converts it into an PWA (App)
  4. Done!
PWA With No Address Bar